Among the procedures that clearly belong to the field of enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the body, one should mention breast augmentation, which is a powerful tool that allows a person to rock the figure they have chosen and be proud of it. If it is to meet personal discontent with breast size or to reconstruct breasts after cancer, breast augmentation is a way to reclaim self-esteem. Now, it is high time to provide a detailed guide to breast augmentation – its types, advantages, downsides, and frequently asked questions to help the patients.

 The Procedure Unveiled: How is Breast Augmentation Surgery done?

Breast augmentation surgery is a well thought out and highly detailed process of reconstructing breast size and shape with implants. However, to pursue this kind of alteration it is very important to have a medical evaluation to know if it is a possibility to be a candidate for the operation. Once deemed suitable, the surgery involves the following steps:

Implant Placement: This takes place when the patient is under general anesthesia, and through making of small cuts below the chest, implants to fill the planned breast size containing either silicone or salt water are installed. These implants can be placed either behind the breast tissue or behind the chest muscles; this depends with the general body anatomy and personal preference in regard to appearance.

Recovery Process: Although breast augmentation surgery requires having the patient under anesthesia to avoid pain while the surgery is in progress, mild to moderate pain varies from patient to patient after surgery. However, this discomfiture is allway transient and patients are advised to avoid the rigorous activities for a while to enable the body completely heal from the operations.

Who is Suitable for the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery could be applied to people who have the desire to enlarge breasts or look after some aesthetic problems, including: Breast augmentation caters to enlargement of breasts or dealing with various aesthetic breast-related issues, including: Increasing small bust sizes to the intended size

Trussing up the breasts after shedding some weight or as a result of the natural aging process

To increase the symmetry of a breast for the breast to look more proportional.

Breast reconstruction surgery which forms part of the management of breast cancer.

Due to the fact that breast augmentation implies customized procedures that are designed and performed according to the needs and preferences of a client, augmentation empowers people to regain their self-awareness and accept their body.

Deliberating on the Location and Type of Implant


On the matter of the location of the implants and types of implants that can be used when performing breast surgery, patients have a lot of freedom as to how they want to look in the end. Placement options include:

Submuscular Placement: They are inserted beneath the muscles of the chest and provide a more natural and larger bust for women with little breast tissue.

Subglandular Placement: Prostheses are positioned beneath the mammary gland tissue; thus, the problem of ptosis can be corrected, and the necessary degree of modeling can be achieved.

Saline and silicone gel are utilized in implants due to their distinct features such as hardiness, texture, and look. Surgeons also choose the type of implant to be used with the sets and aims at achieving best results according to the patient’s desire.

 Navigating the Healing Journey

After the operations are done breast enhancement patients embark on a processes of recovery and transformation that is defined by certain relatively carefully balanced postoperative procedures adoptions. Each person’s timetable for healing may differ, it becomes important to follow post-operative instructions and precautions that will be given in order to possibly decrease risks that may come with the process. Some key considerations during the recovery process include:Some key considerations during the recovery process include:

Observing and assessing the level of pain and discomfort of the patient after the operation, which can be alleviated by the use of prescribed medicines and adequate form of relaxation.

Staying off work or activity involving vigorous exercise and lifting of heavy objects for a certain period is advised to prevent the formation of more blood clots and also to support the blood clots to heal.

Following up with the surgeon in subsequent appointments to discuss the status of the recovery as well as any issues that may be there in order to fully achieve the best results.

While patients care about their bodies and strictly adhere to the doctor’s advice on how to cope with the surgery aftermath, a patient can go through recovery smoothly and be confident that the right step towards achieving the desired figure is being taken.

 Frequently Asked Questions: Breast augmentation

Every patient, who chooses to have a breast augmentation, may have some questions and individual specific issues before and after the surgery. Here are some frequently asked questions to provide clarity and insights.
To clear out some confusion and present some facts and ideas, here are answers to some of the most common questions that one may pose:

Do scars remain after breast augmentation surgery?
Yes. Speaking of the negative outcomes, it is significant to mention that, as in any surgery, scars remain on the breast augmented patients’ skin after the operation, which cannot be removed, only minimized as they become less and less noticeable when they grow old. : The last outcome of such an incision is that they initiate with marks which later become invisible because they are made in areas that can be concealed.

Does  Breast augmentation hinder breastfeeding? : Breastfeeding is still viable after this procedure has been done though the patient should consult the surgeon and seek to know on the placement of the implant and the impact it could have on this practice.

What is the lifespan of silicone prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery?
Before proceeding to the determination of perspectives it is necessary to note that silicone prostheses have a comparatively large term of operation as for which its average amount is 10-12 years. : Understanding from implantation technology about the usage of quality silicone makes it possible to exist for over 10 years and with check up, it’s possible to last a cycle of over 20 years.

The Unmeasurable Returns On Investment That You Stand to Reap From Breast Augmentation

Although the amount of money that is required for breast augmentation surgery may differ from one practitioner to another, type of implant, and the complexity of the procedure, the positive effect on the woman’s confidence, self- esteem, and satisfaction with her appearance cannot be valued in dollar and cents. In individuals’ pursuit of a better self, concerning health and looks, one aspect is true: Society opens its embrace when it recognizes them in their empowered, new selves.

 Start your path to regaining your confidence.

Be it for the purposes of reshaping your body, regaining the fullness of the breast tissue or to get back the lost confidence due to cancer – breast augmentation gives you a chance at a new beginning and new life. At Estevitalya, a group of specialists with vast experience will always assist you through every process and help you achieve the best throughout the process. Start the process of achieving the desired figure and open a new chapter of your life with confidence, beauty, and strength. Welcome to the beginning of regaining your confidence – or finding it for the first time