Vaser Liposuction is the process of removing fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise from the body.

Vaser Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, it is not used in bariatric surgery. It is preferred for regional shaping for regional thinning of body lines, shaping and achieving the desired appearance.

In this method, fats from various parts of the body are drawn through cannulas. The amount of fat removed in a single session is high, and the recovery period is short.



Vaser Liposuction Advantages

  • It can be applied under local anesthesia. (General anesthesia is needed if it will be applied to large areas or if a combined body operation will be performed.)
  • It reshapes the areas where excess fat accumulates and provides tightening. Corrects body contour.
  • Postoperative pain, bruising, edema and swelling are less common.
  • Fats taken by this method can be stored in the injector and used to give fullness to different areas.
  • No excessive bleeding.
  • The patient does not need to use tight bandages and drainage for a long time.
  • After the operation, the person returns to his daily life in a short time.
  • This method is texture selective. It only targets excess fat. Therefore, it does not damage nerves, vessels and ligaments. There are no grater-style blades in the structure of the cannulas.
  • Homogeneous distribution occurs as the oils are broken down by ultrasonic sound waves and aspirated in liquid form. There is no wavy surface appearance after the operation.


How is Vaser Liposuction Applied?

Vaser Lipo uses ultrasonic sound waves to break down fat in the body. The Vaser device is positioned, and the ultrasonic probe is inserted under the skin. The skin is heated and the sound energy liquefies the fat. The fat is then evenly melted. Afterward, special cannulas with suction capabilities are used to remove the melted fat from the body. This procedure tightens the skin and tissues, stimulates collagen production, and increases skin elasticity. The skin will regain its shape in a short time after treatment.



On Which Areas Is Vaser Liposuction Applied?

It can be applied to any area where there is excess fat accumulation. Belly, hip, abdomen, hip, jowl, waist, inner and outer legs, and back areas; It also can be performed on shoulders and arms. It breaks down the excess fat cells in the targeted areas and removes them from the body.

The gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) problem seen in overweight men can also be treated with this operation.


What Is The Fat Removed By Vaser Liposuction Method?

With this method, it is possible to both thin and rejuvenate your body thanks to your own fats. The fats taken can be used for breast lift and breast augmentation. It can also be used in face, chin, and lip fillings. On the other hand, these fats are also used in hip augmentation and lift aesthetics.

Vaser Liposuction technique can also be used to reduce facial wrinkles and correct the curvature of the legs.

However, some of the transplanted fat melts over time. There is a loss of about 70%. However, 30% of them maintain their permanence for a lifetime.


Who Can Have Vaser Liposuction?

It can be applied to patients who do not have serious health problems. This method can be preferred for people with localized excess fat, who cannot lose weight despite dieting and sports, and who have elastic and tight skin. Those whose body mass index is not within the normal range are not suitable candidates for this operation. It is also not applied during pregnancy and lactation.

Before Vaser Liposuction

If you do not want your body lines to change again after the operation, you should get used to a healthy diet in order to maintain your fit appearance. Before applying, you should regulate your nutrition program and stop smoking.

With the advice of your doctor, you can start vitamin and iron supplements.

Common cold, flu, etc. If present, surgery should be postponed.


After Vaser Liposuction

  • The recovery period is short. If the physician deems it necessary, hospitalization may be requested for 1 day after the operation. If it is done in a single area, hospitalization is not required. After combined surgeries, it is requested that the patient stays in the hospital for one night in order to survive the first night comfortably.
  • It is recommended to use a corset for the first 3 weeks after the operation. This increases the efficiency of the surgical outcome. It helps to have thinner and curvy lines. Which corset will be used for how long depends on the skin elasticity of the patients.
  • It is normal for mild edema, bruising and redness to occur in the area where the fat is removed. These complaints are less than the classical liposuction method. After 10 days it starts to get a little better. With the decrease in edema, a thinning effect is observed. This effect settles in a few weeks and the skin regains its normal structure.
  • There are no obvious scars after the surgery. This application, made with small holes of 3-4 mm, leaves small lines in those areas. These disappear after a while.
  • Applying massage helps to get rid of edema.
  • You can take a shower after 2 days. The corset is removed while bathing, other than that it should be used continuously.
  • The areas where fat is taken should be protected from the sun.
  • Plenty of fluids should be consumed in order for the edema to heal faster.
  • If you do not want to lose your fit and healthy appearance, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and exercise habits. Otherwise, gaining weight is inevitable.


Are Vaser Liposuction Effects Permanent?

Since the fat cells are permanently removed by this method, the result is permanent. The body shape will not be deformed again – except for excessive weight gain. Even if weight is gained, less fat is seen in those areas.