Arm Lift

Also known as brachioplasty, arm lift helps with tightening the saggy arm skin. Factors such as frequent weight gain and loss and old age damage the elasticity and fullness of the skin. It causes skin sagging in the lower part of the arm. It usually develops due to rapid weight loss after weight loss surgeries. The effect of gravity over time also accelerates the process of sagging in the arms with old age.

A bat-wing-like shape occurs on the arms of patients who encounter this situation. Arm lift eliminates this problem and makes thin and tight arms possible.

The sagging problem is more common in the upper arm region. This situation causes a loss of self-confidence and makes the person feel older.

Arm exercises, creams and firming corsets are temporary solutions. These can tighten the muscles. However, they do not solve the problem of deterioration of skin elasticity, sagging and loosening of the skin.

Complete removal of arm sagging depends on whether the patient undergoes the surgery or not. The effect of the operation is permanent.


What is Arm Lift Aesthetics?

It is a treatment method that saves the arms from sagging appearance. In the operation, excess fat in the arm area is removed by Vaser liposuction method.

Excess skin is removed. The arm skin is stretched and the incision scar is hidden inside the arm. This scar, which extends parallel to the arm, does not cause much discomfort as it will remain on the inside of the arm.

Advantages of Arm Lift Surgery

  • It eliminates the problem of sagging in the arm skin and muscles.
  • It removes sagging and deep cracks in the skin.
  • If you complain that your arms are saggy looking even though you fit in your clothes, you will not have such a problem with arm lift surgery.
  • It makes the arm skin look younger, tighter and fresher. The bad appearance and thickness in the arms disappear.
  • Scars are not visible from the outside – unless you raise your arms up.
  • Self-dissolving stitches are used during the surgery. Recovery time is short. The scars become more obscure in about 9-12 months.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Before the operation, detailed planning and drawings are made and the excess skin on the arm is marked so that it does not disturb the arm contour and provides sufficient tension.

The procedure is mostly performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia may also be preferred in some arm lift surgeries. Mini arm lift surgery can be performed with sedation.

Arm lift aesthetics takes about 1 hour. If liposuction is to be performed, the procedure time will be longer.

The technique to be applied is determined in accordance with the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the sagging rate of the arm skin. If skin loosening is caused by frequent weight gain and loss, liposuction is applied first and the skin is discharged.

Then this skin is surgically removed and arm stretching is applied. If the skin cavity reaches the elbow, the process starts from the elbow and extends to the armpit. A scar remains after the operation.

After the procedure, the incision site is stitched in two layers and wrapped with a soft dressing.

arm lift surgery It can also be performed together with other aesthetic operations (eg breast reduction, tummy tuck, etc.).

Arm Lift Surgery Methods

  • Extended Arm lift: An incision is made starting from the elbow and extending along the lateral chest wall and armpit. It is preferred in those with excessive arm sagging.
  • Standard Arm lift: It is based on the complete removal of excess fat and skin on the arm. The incision scar, which starts from the armpit, extends up to the elbow. The procedure is done from the inner region of the arm. Even if there is a trace, it is not noticeable when viewed from the front or the back.
  • Short Arm Lift: This procedure is also known as ‘mini arm lift’. Operations are performed from the armpit area. First, the arm is thinned with liposuction. Then the excess part of the skin is pulled under the armpit.
  • Scarless arm lift surgery: This method is preferred in patients with good skin elasticity. After removing excess fat, the skin tightens on its own. To support this process, J-Plasma & vaser liposuction is applied after the operation.

Arm Lift Surgery Risks

Side effects of arm lift surgery are not serious complications. It is a safe procedure. However, temporary side effects such as bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, prolonged healing, wound separation, and fluid accumulation in the wound area may be encountered.

Although there is a risk of permanent numbness, this is very unlikely.

Is Arm Lift Treatment Permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. Therefore, there is no need to repeat the operation. After the stretching process, there will be no sagging problem in the arm unless there is excessive weight gain and loss.

Before and After Arm Lift Surgery

  • As with all operations requiring general anesthesia, the patient should stop eating and drinking at least 6 hours before arm lift surgery. Aspirin and similar blood thinners should be stopped 3 days before the operation.
  • The use of alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped 1 week in advance.
  • After arm lift surgery, the person is asked to stay in the hospital for one night. Thus, appropriate painkillers and antibiotics are supplemented.
  • A tight bandage is wrapped around the patient’s arm and they are discharged in this way. Bandage is a measure to prevent the development of edema. The bandage should be worn for 24-48 hours.
  • Drains placed under the arm to prevent fluid accumulation are removed during discharge.
  • It is recommended to wait 2 days to take a shower. It would be more appropriate for the patient to ask someone for help to wash their hair during the shower.
  • Pool and sea activities should be avoided for 3 weeks.
  • The healing period of the stitches is 4 weeks. As of this week, it can be said that the edema will decrease by 80%. After the 4th week, serious change is clearly observed. The scars begin to fade after a few months. Within 1 year, it turns into skin color and becomes unclear. Depending on the skin structure, some patients have obvious scars. In this case, with the help of various injections, laser and scar creams, the scar could be made invisible.
  • Smoking should be avoided during the recovery period.
  • The patient is asked to use an arm corset for an average of 6 weeks. It is very good for the patient to remove the corset from time to time and rest for half an hour by keeping their arms up.
  • The patient can return to their daily life after 5-7 days.
  • Mild bruises and edema may be observed. These are temporary.
  • Painkillers prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.
  • For the first 10-14 days, you need to be careful not to raise your arms above your shoulders. Reaching high should be avoided. Otherwise, the underarm area will be under pressure and the seams may be damaged.
  • During the 3-4 weeks after the surgery, sports in which the arm area is actively used should be avoided.
  • It is recommended that you stop using it for 2 weeks.
  • Heavy lifting and similar strenuous activities should not be performed for 1 month.
  • It is not recommended to massage this area for 1 month after the operation. Afterwards, massage can be started in order to accelerate the dissipation of edema.
  • Care should be taken in dressing the wounds. If the operation was performed in the summer, sunscreen should be applied to the area of the scars.

Arm Lift Prices

Prices vary depending on which method will be used. Whether liposuction is performed or not also affects the price. You can learn the exact price information by contacting us.