It can be a distressing experience to lose teeth, regardless of whether the loss results from age, injury, or problems with oral health. Not only does it hinder our ability to chew properly, but it also undermines our confidence in completely smiling without inhibition. Those individuals who have experienced the discomfort of loose dentures or who have lost the majority of their teeth, if not all of them, can find a glimmer of hope in the All on Four implant treatment, which provides a solution that can completely improve their lives.

Imagine being able to restore an entire set of teeth in just one jaw using only four dental titanium implants that have been properly placed into the jaw for maximum effectiveness. This revolutionary process lays a strong foundation for a fixed full bridge, which results in a grin that appears natural, is stable and long-lasting, and remains firmly in place. 

At Estevitalya, we are aware of the affect that losing teeth may have on a person’s emotional state. Since this is the case, we are committed to offering treatments of the highest quality, including the All on Four dental implants, at pricing that are as reasonable as possible. We have a straightforward objective, which is to assist our patients in regaining their self-confidence and smiling freely once more.

An Explanation of the All on Four Procedure


An initial consultation with one of our specialists, such as a surgeon or a prosthodontist, is the first step on your journey toward a smile that is reinvigorated. In the course of this in-depth conversation, we will investigate your medical history and do a computed tomography (CBCT) scan in order to precisely evaluate the state of your jaws and the quality of the bone that is accessible.

2.Positioning of the Implants

The All on Four treatment includes both surgical and dental prosthetic procedures in its scope of implementation. Precision implant placement is performed by our highly trained team while the patient is under the influence of local anesthetic. In order to ensure that patients who are anxious or fearful remain comfortable throughout the treatment, sedation or general anesthesia are both alternatives that are offered to them.


Following the implantation of the implant, it is of the utmost importance to allow for optimal healing. Although it is usual for patients to have some discomfort and gum bleeding after surgery, our staff will provide the required drugs and support to effectively control these symptoms. Because osseointegration takes place over the course of the subsequent months and new bone forms around the implants, your dentist will carefully evaluate your development throughout this time.

 4.Applying the final dental crowns 

The final phase in the All on Four method involves installing the final dental crowns. This step occurs after the healing period has passed and after osseointegration has been thoroughly completed. The shape, size, and color of your natural teeth are taken into consideration while designing these crowns, which are then painstakingly manufactured to guarantee that they blend in perfectly with your smile. In order to guarantee that the crowns are a flawless fit and offer the highest possible level of functionality, our highly trained dental technicians work in conjunction with your dentist.

The first step in the process of applying the final dental crowns is to take impressions of your dental arch. These impressions will act as a template for the crowns that will be crafted. Crowns are fabricated by our staff using cutting-edge dental materials and technology. These crowns not only restore your smile but also improve its appearance. Once the crowns are completed, they are linked to the implants in a secure manner, which brings the restoration process to a successful conclusion.

You will be able to take full use of the benefits that your All on Four implants have to offer once the final dental crowns have been placed. These benefits include enhanced chewing ability, greater speech clarity, and improved smile attractiveness. After the procedure, our experts will provide you with comprehensive guidance on post-procedural care and maintenance to ensure that your beautiful smile will last for several years. Through the use of practices like as frequent dental checkups and excellent oral hygiene, we equip you with the tools necessary to maintain optimal oral health and to take pleasure in your restored smile for many years to come.

Differences Between All on Four and All on Six: Understanding the Differences

It is possible that the decision between All on Four and All on Six dental implants will appear to be overwhelming. Both operations offer significant benefits; nevertheless, the quantity of implants that are used is what differentiates them from one another. Whereas the All on Four procedure only involves four implants, the All on Six procedure involves six implants. The additional implants in the latter provide increased stability and a more even distribution of pressure, which may result in your prosthetic arch having a longer lifespan thanks to the potential for increased longevity. When it comes to identifying the best course of action for each particular patient, however, specific factors such as bone density and the structure of the jaw play a tremendously important role.

The All on Four dental implants have revolutionized the process of smile repair, with a success rate that has been published to be greater than 98%.

An Ideal Candidate Would Be

Individuals who are looking to replace lost teeth are ideal candidates for the All on Four process. This is true regardless of whether the individual is already wearing dentures or predicts that they may require dentures in the future. If the candidate is in good health and satisfies the necessary criteria for the surgery, then age is not a factor that affects their eligibility for the procedure.

All on Four Advantages

There are a multitude of advantages that come with All on Four dental implants, ranging from increased functioning to more natural-looking results.

  • Restores the natural appearance and the self-assurance of the smile
  • Facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning, allowing for unfettered eating and pleasure of one’s diet
  • It provides a one-time investment, which saves both time and money, and it offers long-lasting durability and bone preservation.

How to Select the Appropriate Surgeon:

When it comes to the success of your dental implant journey, selecting a surgeon who is both talented and experienced is of the utmost importance. Our team at Estevitalya, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of dental implants, including the All on Four technique. Through the implementation of individualised treatment plans and an emphasis on patient-centered care, we guarantee that each and every patient will receive the greatest possible level of dental care.

In conclusion, the All on Four dental treatment goes beyond the scope of conventional dentistry and provides a revolutionary approach to the problem of tooth loss management. It should come as no surprise that patients all over the world are regaining their smiles via the utilization of this cutting-edge surgery, given its unsurpassed benefits and success rate. If you are thinking about getting All on Four implants, the first thing you need do to get your smile back on track is to visit with our knowledgeable staff here at Dental Excellence Turkey. The first step on your path to a self-assured and beautiful grin is right here.